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Designing a Logo Hands-On Workshop

30-11-2012 19:22
Designing a Logo Hands-On Workshop

Designing a Logo Hands-On Workshop
QuickTime | Eng | Lynda. com | 2008 | Author: Nigel French | Photoshop/Illustrator | 03:01:00 | 340 Mb

A great logo is often basic, composed only of essential parts, but simple is not always easy. Designer Nigel French distills over a decade of professional design and teaching experience in Designing a Logo. He discusses the principles and techniques of what makes a logo work, and explains type-only designs, type treatments, and logo symbols in depth. He also explores how to work with clients on defining job parameters and selecting a final design, as well as how to prepare the logo for print and web publication. Nigel demonstrates each of these techniques in the course of designing a new logo for a real client, so viewers can either follow along or apply the techniques to their own work. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

* Choosing the right typeface
* Exploring transparency, warped type, and other treatments
* Working with line, shape, and imagery in a logo symbol
* Considering current trends in logo design
* Fine-tuning a design after client selection
* Drawing up usage guidelines

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