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There Are No Bad Originals

25-11-2012 13:06
There Are No Bad Originals

There Are No Bad Originals
Flv | Eng | Kelby Training | 2010 | Author: Dan Margulis | Photo/Photoshop | 4:30:00 | 541.9 Mb

Dan Margulis hosts this in-depth session on digital image color correction. Dan shares his expertise as he takes viewers through a series of photographs and reworks the color values using a combination of Photoshop tools and actions.
In the second part of this series, Dan Margulis works through a new set of images while demonstrating his methods for color correction. Dan moves images into and out of the LAB color space, he uses his Man from Mars method, employs channels as layer masks, and makes sharpening adjustments using filters. Throughout the course, Dan urges viewers to question what consititutes a bad image and which version of an image is truely the original. Find out how to improve the color quality of your digital images by following along with this course.

There Are No Bad Originals

There Are No Bad Originals

Quality: Flash Video
Format: Flv
Video Codec: VP6 852 x 480 16:9 12-30fps ~200 kbps
Audio codec: MP3 44,1kHz 1ch 128 kbps

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