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Designing a Logo Hands-On Workshop

Designing a Logo Hands-On Workshop
QuickTime | Eng | Lynda. com | 2008 | Author: Nigel French | Photoshop/Illustrator | 03:01:00 | 340 Mb

A great logo is often basic, composed only of essential parts, but simple is not always easy. Designer Nigel French distills over a decade of professional design and teaching experience in Designing a Logo. He discusses the principles and techniques of what makes a logo work, and explains type-only designs, type treatments, and logo symbols in depth. He also explores how to work with clients on defining job parameters and selecting a final design, as well as how to prepare the logo for print and web publication. Nigel demonstrates each of these techniques in the course of designing a new logo for a real client, so viewers can either follow along or apply the techniques to their own work. Exercise files accompany the course.
Narrative Portraiture: On Location in New York with Rodney Smith

Narrative Portraiture: On Location in New York with Rodney Smith
Mov | Eng | Lynda.com | 2011 | Author: Chris Orwig | Photo | 01:51 | 1260 Mb

In the Narrative Portraiture series, photographer and teacher Chris Orwig explores the use of elements such as location and natural light to create images that tell stories about their subjects and produce a strong emotional connection. In this installment, Chris visits Rodney Smith, a photographer whose work is known for its graceful serenity and its wit. Rodney’s career spans more than four decades and includes editorial, fashion, and advertising work, as well as several books.

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