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UI Design with Adobe Illustrator /2012/

UI Design with Adobe Illustrator /2012/
Pdf | Adobe Press | Rick Moore | Eng | 256 Pages | 2012 | Isbn - | 10 Mb

Today’s websites and applications are so much different than they were when I started in the industry. For the web, HTML5 and CSS3 reduce the need for tons of graphics, and responsive design allows for those sites to adapt to the context of the device being used for browsing. I am firmly in the camp
that in order to be a great designer, you need to know how to code what you design.
It’s important to understand how to design for the screen—no matter the size—and under-standing the code helps you do just that. It’s nothing like designing for the printed page. That being said, I don’t follow the crowd that believes design should happen solely in a browser. For me, it happens more quickly on paper first and then in Illustra-tor. The techniques I cover in this book have made me faster at trying different ideas for a design before I mark them up or send them to development.

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