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Kelby Training - A Day with Jay Maisel + Another Day with Jay Maisel

Kelby Training - A Day with Jay Maisel + Another Day with Jay Maisel
FLV | Eng | Kelby Training | 2010/2011 | Author: Scott Kelby and Jay Maisel | photo | 01:53:56 + 01:29:44 | 832.56 + 682.12 Mb

Famed photographer Jay Maisel takes Scott Kelby on a walking tour of his favorite places to shoot in New York City. Join Jay and Scott as they walk the bustling streets of the Big Apple - talking about theory, technique, and the art of finding photographs among the faces and architecture they find along the way.

After the overwhelming success of the first class, Scott Kelby returns to New York to spend another day with Jay Maisel. However, it quickly became apparent to everyone present that what started out as a continuation of the last class was morphing into something more. In the end, no two days with Jay Maisel are ever the same and this day proved to be more revealing as Scott and crew discovered a little bit more about what makes Jay Maisel the legendary photographer that he is, why he makes the choices he makes, and what shaped him and his illustrious caree

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