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The Landscape Photography Workshop

The Landscape Photography Workshop / Семинар пейзажной фотографии
Книга посвящена пейзажной фотосъемке.
We have been hosting landscape photography workshops in the south-west of England for several years. We thoroughly enjoy sharing our skills and experience as professional, award-winning landscape photographers, and we cram lots of practical help and information into our workshops. Participants often comment on how they wish they could remember everything they learned during the course – but the human brain being what it is, this just isn’t possible. That’s why we decided to create a workshop in book form – to provide a useful, practical resource, covering all the essentials photographers need to improve their landscape images. We also appreciate that not everyone can afford to attend a workshop, or justify the time away from work or domestic duties. Therefore, we hope this book will – to some extent, at least – provide a cost-effective alternative to attending a workshop in person.

книги по фотографии

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