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Sven Schwoebel - Позы для фотосессии / Photomodel-Posing

30-01-2012 06:31
Sven Schwoebel  -  Позы для фотосессии / Photomodel-Posing

Название: Позы для фотосессии / Photomodel-Posing
Автор: Sven Schwoebel
Издательство: Интернет-издание
Год: 2010
Страниц: 110
Формат: Jpeg
Размер: 15.18 MB
Качество: Хорошее
Язык: Без текста

Книга немецкого фотографа Свена Швубеля (Sven Schwoebel) "Позы для фотосессии". Около 600 изображений и идей для фотосессии, сидя на полу, с реквезитом, со стулом, а так же для крупно-масштабного портрета. Не смотря на свою популярность, в книге достаточно много оплошностей, как со стороны фотографа, так и со стороны модели.В книге текст отсутствует, только фото !

That's the way I want it

This model-posing collector represents a simple and effective help for the model, the photographer, the agency and the purchaser. The multiplicity and exactness of the assembled posings deliver inspiration and clarity for the creation of various photo productions. This collector comes in robust shape and has been put together thoroughly: it has a format of 7x10 inches and fits into every photo bag. Furthermore, it is an elastic paperback and well stowable. It has been designed to be an effective means of work for studios, indoor, outdoor and everywhere.
Why always shoot the same posings? Just give it a shot and experiment. That way, each and every shooting will be suspenseful and innovative.

contains more than 600 posings - thematically arranged
portrait posings
model posing on the floor (kneeling, laying and crouching)
posings with your model standing
posings with accessories, for instance, a chair or a stool
mystic posings
description of typical posing faults with respective right / wrong illustration
advantages for visible success:
the model is able to have the optimum and most professional preparation for casting and shooting. It is the training handbook for all standard - posings and beyond.
the photographer is hereby able to give the model an exact briefing and quickly show the model what he wants to see up front.
the agency will experience a more comfortable planning of photo productions. Here is the posing artwork for exact storyboards.
By using this model collector, the purchaser will be enabled to formulate precise wishes before the shooting takes place.

Небольшой видео ролик- идем на модельный кастинг !

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