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Michael Freeman's - Perfect Exposure

27-05-2013 21:54
Michael Freeman's  -  Perfect Exposure

Название: Perfect Exposure
Автор: Michael Freeman's
Издательство: Focal Press
Год: 2009
Страниц: 192
Формат: PDF
Размер: 73.78 MB
Качество: Хорошее
Язык: Английский

Правильный выбор экспозиции в фотографии, является основой получения качественного снимка. Майкл Фриман автор множества бестселлеров, в своей книге подробно, шаг за шагом рассказывает о правильной настройке экспозиции. Большое количество поясняющих авторских снимков помогут в усвоении материала.
Michael Freeman's Perfect Exposure: The Professional's Guide to Capturing Perfect Digital Photographs
Exposure is the deceptively simple concept at the very heart of photography. It has always been a subject of fascination to aspiring amateurs and professional photographers alike. Recent developments in digital technology have transformed the ways in which exposures can be manipulated, and this in turn has forced photographers to think about what they can achieve by understanding the variables of aperture, ISO and time.

Clear, direct and guaranteed, the perfect exposure method looks at the way professionals work, and lays out the decisions and sequences with absolute clarity, while incorporating the latest, powerful post-processing techniques. Chosing the exposure for a photograph is infinitely complex and one of photography's most absorbing paradoxes because it affects everything in the image and its effect on the viewer. Understanding how and why exposure works is essential, not only because it helps you to decide what is instinctively "right," but this book will give you confidence in that decision--an invaluable skill for every single photographer. Full of beautiful photographs taken by Michael Freeman, this book will arm you with the tools you need for perfect exposure of your photographs.

Michael Freeman is the author of the global bestseller, The Photographer's Eye. Now published in sixteen languages, The Photographer's Eye continues to speak to photographers everywhere. Reaching 100,000 copies in print in the US alone, and 300,000+ worldwide, it shows how anyone can develop the ability to see and shoot great digital photographs.

In this book Michael Freeman takes you through this difficult and fast-moving area with a lucid and accessible method, using unique workflow illustrations, histograms, and clear, visual examples to explore the subtleties of the subject and enable you to shoot with confidence.

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