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Focus On Composing Photos: Focus on the Fundamentals

22-11-2012 18:18
Focus On Composing Photos: Focus on the Fundamentals

Focus On Composing Photos: Focus on the Fundamentals
Pdf | F-l Press | Peter Ensenberger | Eng | 155 Pages | 2011 | Isbn 024081505X | 39.7 Mb

Photography is auniversal language capable of commu­nicating to a wide audience. But photography also is a very personal affair. No two of us pproach it exactly the same way. You bring to bear your own personal experiences and influences every time you push the camera’s shutter­release button. Each image captures a moment in time seen through your eyes, processed by your way of seeing the world.That’s the appeal of photography as a form of self­expression. It allows each of us to artfully interpret the world around us or create our own alternative reality. For many, it’s our principal creative outlet, producing images that can be easily shared with others.With the advent of digital technology, photography has grown into one of the most popular hobbies in the world today. It’s the most accessible of all art forms. As a fun and affordable pastime, photography truly is the art of the masses.

Those committed to improving their skills and techniques may enjoy lifelong partnerships with their cameras, producing photographs to be proud of. If you’re persistent and willing to push yourself to achieve loftier goals, your images will begin to reveal a personal style all your own.A good first step in refining your style is learning the fundamentals of composition that have stood the test of time. It’s worth noting that many of the world’s great photographers had no formal art training. They developed their visual sensibilities through observation and perception. Aspiring photographers should follow their lead.

Defining the artistry of compo­sition, photography pioneer Edward Weston cut straight to the heart of the matter with an economy of words. “Composition,” he said, “is the strongest way of seeing.”All around us, the elements of composition—objects, lines, shapes, colors, and shadows—coalesce in apparent disarray. By raising your awareness of the orderly way these elements fit together, you’ll realize the strongest way of seeing. Learning the basics of good composition helps you recognize the essential components and design artistic arrangements from the chaos. You’ll produce better photographs that combine balance, simplicity, and style.

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